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Configuration Suggestions

Apr 1, 2009 at 8:39 PM
Rather than having build clean rebuild on top level ...
as a user i would have preferred.

  - ProjectName1
           - GoldBuild
           - SilverBuild
  - ProjectName2
           - Build
           - Clean
           - Rebuild

for each "project" you can have an option on whether to popup a textbox to allow the user to specify other parameter variables $(userdefinedparam).  Incase the user doesn't have gold or silver box builds but instead fine grained control of what gets built into the final assembly.

Also if i set the verbosity to Detailed... i want to see the output of the command window.. it just closes currently.

I'm curious to dig in your code to see how you integrated with the shell.

good stuff.

Leblanc Meneses

Apr 2, 2009 at 7:02 AM
Hi LeblancThank you for your input. I would like a MSBuildShellExtension submenu as well. This requires a "real" shell extension, which MSBuildShellExtension is not. The menuitems in the context menu is actually just created in registry, which does not support submenus.I don't really code on MSBuildShellExtension anymore. I use it everyday, though. If you would like, you can implement some of your suggestions. You should be able to see the code when logged into CodePlex.If you don't want to implement some of your feature requests, please create them as issues on the MSBuildShellExtensions issue tracker site :)Thanks again for your input!Regards,Thomas Ardal